KEII (yutocchin) wrote,

[DRABBLE] Buffet

Title: Buffet
Author: yutocchin
Pairing: Morimoto Shintaro/Yamamoto Maika
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Warning: Too much food intake is dangerous for your health.
Summary: "Of course I put it in my stomach, dummy. Weren't you paying attention in Biology?" She's been curious ever since she saw him eat on the set of Kasuka no Kanojo, between every take.


"...where are you even putting that?" Maika asks skeptically, eyes glued on Shintaro's cheeks stuffed with food. She's been curious ever since she saw him eat on the set of Kasuka no Kanojo, between every take. He glances up at her, seemingly confused, and she chuckles, pointing at his full plate.

"What do you mean by where," he murmurs before swallowing the food in his mouth. "Of course I put it in my stomach, dummy. Weren't you paying attention in Biology?"

She threw him a dirty look and whines. "You know what I mean," she says, shoving him lightly, as if urging him to answer her question properly. Shintaro could only laugh in response, allowing her to push him as much as she wants, his attention still fixed on his meal.

"Mai-chan, are you even going to eat that?" He pokes the untouched dumplings on her plate with his chopsticks, completely avoiding her question. "Because if you're not, then I'm going to- "


"Whaaaaat," he chuckles, slightly unsure why his girlfriend is suddenly showing interest about the way he consumes his meals. "I can't help it, since you cook so well!"

"You're going to get fat," she whispers, poking his waist gently, and he laughs again, dismissing her with a wave. Maika scowls, poking him harder. "Seriously. You're going to get dangerously fat if you keep eating this way."

'She seems genuinely concerned,' Shintaro thinks and sighs. He drapes an arm over her shoulders and pulls her close, and despite the fact that they have been dating for some time now, Maika still blushes at (slightly) intimate gestures like that. Her gaze immediately averts down from his face to her lap, attempting to hide her pink cheeks.

"I'm not going to get fat, alright?" He says, nodding firmly. She only sighs in response. "Maika, what is it? What's wrong?"

" might get sick if you eat too much."

"Me? Sick?" He proudly bumps his fist against his chest, huffing. "Not with this healthy body, nope."

"But if you eat too much, you'll get too fat- "

"Mai-chan, I'm too active- "

"-and you won't be able to do your usual stunts.."

"That's not tru- " Shintaro blinks. She does have a point, he tells himself. He pulls away from her slowly, concern slightly showing on his face. "...huh. Now that you've mentioned it.."

"A-actually, I've read- I've read some people's opinions on the internet," she shares, fidgeting on her chair. "Some of them thinks you've been eating a lot, and that you've become a bit too chubby, and it worries them that you might get fatter and all that. Some of them are concerned and something, about the possibility of you having to drop jobs because of it, though I don't really see how that part's relevant, so..."

She trails off, noticing how he has gone silent with his eyes on his plate, lost in thought. Maika bites her lower lip, feeling slightly guilty about making his mood drop considerably. She shifts on her chair and tucks some of her hair behind her ear before eventually scratching her nape.

"....but what's so bad about wanting to eat," he whines eventually, slumping on his chair. She chuckles and pats his head as he rests it on her shoulder. "Maybe it's an addiction. I probably need to enter some sort of rehabilitation center."

She snorts and ruffles his hair. "Idiot, of course not. You're just a growing boy."

"Hmm," he hums, seemingly unsatisfied with her response. They remain seated together for a while, enjoying each other's company in silence. When he felt her rise from her seat, he grabs and tugs her wrists that she falls back down onto the chair. "Naa, Maika..."

"...y.. yes?"

"...will you still like me even when I'm fat?"

It was am unexpected inquiry that it takes her a few moments to respond. She breathes and looks at him fondly, slightly shaking her head. Shintaro's face drops, but before he could even brood over her nonverbal rely, she stuffs his mouth with two dumplings. He stares at her questioningly, not making any move to chew his food. Maika laughs and ruffles his hair before leaning towards him, pressing a light kiss on his bloated cheek.

"Maika-chan?" He asks, his voice muffled by the dumplings.

"Why are you even asking me that, of course I still will. Why would I want a sad, lean Morimoto Shintaro when I can have him, pudgy, happy and full?" She pats his head once before rising again. "And besides, you're better squishy. Eat as much as you want to, I'm not going to stop you. Though you have to be careful," she adds. Shintaro watches her head towards the kitchen, and smiles. He chews and happily faces the food on the table and begins eating once more.

"Maika-chan's the best!" He exclaims in a sing-song voice while fitting three more dumplings into his mouth, finally finishing his fifth plate of food. "Mm-hmm, definitely the best~"

Tags: #fanfiction, actress: yamamoto maika, johnny's jr., jr: morimoto shintaro, type: drabble
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