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[DRABBLE] I like you

Title: 好きだ (I Like You)
Author: yutocchin
Pairing: Yabu Kota/OC
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Warning: Uh.......... first time writing something after 29857239481 years.
Summary: ""I think you're supposed to be someplace else, mister," Kei simply says. Kota opens his mouth in an attempt to argue, but Kei cuts him off by stuffing him with Anpan. "Shush. Go ahead, we can cover for you here.""

き だ

From: カイリ
Subject: バイバイ

It seems that I'm
going back tomorrow, 13:20.

I know you're busy,
but I had a great time.

Thank you for everything, Kota.

"Yabu's...uncharacteristically grumpy today," Yuuya comments as the eldest passed him by with a scowl on his face. "Yabu, are you alri--" Kota gives him a seemingly death glare, effectively pacifying him. "--obviously not," he whispers to himself. "The hell is wrong with him?"

Hikaru shrugs his shoulders, and Yuuya sighs. They eventually spot Kota scolding Ryosuke, albeit lightly, for not getting enough sleep. As he stalks away from him, Ryosuke was left, seemingly dumbfounded. They shrug their shoulders once more when he asked them if they knew anything.

Next, they catch the eldest visibly and audibly sigh. Everybody uninvolved exchange worried glances, and they only had one question in mind. Where the hell is Inoo?

"Speak of the devil," Hikaru whispers as Kei enters the room with Daiki, food in hand. He approaches Kota, who seems to have drifted away someplace else. Kei gently knocks the water bottle against Kota’s forehead, snapping the eldest back from his reverie.

"I think you're supposed to be someplace else, mister," Kei simply says. Kota opens his mouth in an attempt to argue, but Kei cuts him off by stuffing him with Anpan. "Shush. Go ahead, we can cover for you here."

"But, Inoo-cha--"

"Go already!" Kei orders and turns him around. He pushes Kota towards the door with ease and playfully kicks his rear. "And don't come back until you're finished. I don't want to work with a brooding Yabu-chan!"

The shock written on Kota's face is quickly replaced with a smile. He takes his jacket hanging nearby, bows to everybody and runs out quickly. Kei watches him go, a proud expression on his face.

"Inoo-chan," Yuri says. "What was that?"

Kei sighs, and looks at everybody. "Well, now that I'm the oldest one here--hush, hush! Time to rehearse! Stand up, move your lazy asses!" He instructs, tugging onto everybody's arms. Yuuto, being the chirpy giant that he is, joins in the pulling, almost dragging the members onto the floor.

"...I'm the oldest one here, idiot," Yuuya mutters, only to be shushed by the young architect.

Attention, passengers going on-board the Philippine Airlines flight 232, from Tokyo to Manila, please proceed to the Departure Area, Gate 24.

"Kairi, it's time." A lady, aged 21, nods and rises from her seat. She is pulled into a hug by her older companion, which she willingly returns.

"Yabu-san, don't worry," she says in between chuckles. "It's not the last time we'll see each other. I'll just have to go back and settle things there, and then I'll fly back here for my work."

“But that’s in four months, you said,” Yabu-san pouts cutely, and Kairi just laughs. “Anyways, child, are you—are you sure you’re not going to wait for Kota to arrive?”

The smile on Kairi’s face disappears instantly, with the mere mention of his name. They met by chance almost a year ago, and they’ve ran into each other more than once. Acquaintance turned into friendship, which eventually escalated into mutual attraction—although they never really did anything more than admire each other from afar. A few moments after thinking, she shakes her head, a gentle smile plastered on her face.

“No, I don’t think he has the time for this, and I really don’t want to be a bother,” she utters. Yabu-san sighs and scratches his nape, resigning to her thoughts.

“Well, he is just a call away, but—if you insist,” he replies, shrugging slightly before kissing Kairi’s forehead. “You take care there, squirt.”

Kairi nods and promises him she will. She pulls up her luggage handle and slings her bag over her shoulder, taking small steps towards the gate. Exhaling, she gives the gates a determined stare, her steps gradually becoming faster as she approaches the exit. She doesn’t really want to leave—at least, leave without saying a proper good-bye. Given his idol status, they barely see each other and whenever they do, something or someone would interrupt them.

She grips her bag tighter, her frustration building up. She has so many things to tell him, so many things she wanted to do with him; a lot of places she wanted to visit with him, so many others she wanted to know more about him, but she never really thought about how little time she had.

Kairi! She blinks. Was it just the voice in her head or—

Kairi!! “Oh, God—now, I’m even hearing his voice!” She angrily exclaims upon hearing him call her name. She walks briskly, eyes set on the gates when, suddenly, someone grabs her by the wrist and turns her around. Her eyes widens as they meet his brown ones, and she gasps. “K-Kota—”

You idiot!” He barks, letting go of her wrist. Kairi swallows the lump in her throat and stays silent. After catching up with his breath, Kota stands properly in front of her, looks into her eyes once more and sighs.

“…..I like you,” he states clearly, catching Kairi off-guard. A deep blush makes its way to her pale cheeks, and she covers her gaping mouth with both of her hands. As if he read her mind, he goes on. “I—I felt the need to say it before you go. I don’t know just how long you will have to stay there before you go back here, so I’m not wasting any time anymore.

“I like you, Noguchi Kairi, and I really don’t think I can keep this to myself for months or, God forbid, years. I’m sorry that I’m telling you under such circumstance, but I just really have to—I don’t know when I’ll see you next, and it really—cannot wait,” Kota speedily says, giving her no chance to respond.

“When we first met, after I ran after the thief who took your bag—” Kairi giggles lightly at the memory “—I never expected things would turn out this way. I found it ridiculous and funny how we always ended up bumping into each other after then and—maybe it’s fate. Maybe destiny is playing a prank on us but—Kairi,” he breathes, taking her hand into his.

“…right now, I’m just—really head-over-heels for you,” he whispers, lightly caressing her knuckle. A few moments later, he hears her chuckling, and he looks at her with a slightly confused look. “W…w-what…?”

Kairi smiles widely—that Kota thought her face would split into two. She pats his hand gently with her free one and says, “Kota, can…can you wait for four months?”

“I’ll wait for as long as I have to, as long as you return,” he declares with a nod, earning another chuckle from her.

“What if something happens during that time?”

“I’ll follow you wherever you’ll go.”

“And if nobody knows where I went?”

“I’ll find you. I swear to God, I will find you,” he states with so much determination that Kairi blushes more than she already has. She was only playing with him, he knows that, yet he answers so seriously. She takes a step closer to him and wraps her arms around his waist, giving him a tight hug. He responds by doing the same, embracing her around her shoulders.

“A hundred and twenty days, Kota. Can you make it?”

“For you? I will.”

From: カイリ
Subject: ----


Tags: #fanfiction, hsj: yabu kota, type: drabble
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