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[Multi-Chapter] BEST Yori Dango 1/?

Title: BEST Yori Dango
Author: yutocchin
Pairing: Arioka Daiki/Inoo Kei
Genre: (Slight) Romance, Comedy
Rating: T
Summary: "I think I'd make a good Akira, ne?" Hikaru stated out of the blue. Everyone looked at him, a bit confused. "What? I mean, I could definitely pass off as a funny guy, right?"

The beginning isn't very well thought of. Hahaha this had been waiting for faaaaar too long within the confines of my memory card. I hope you enjoy. I'm still looking for the missing chapters though ;u; Oh, and excuse a few curse words. P.S. Excuse the photo you will find under this cut XD

B E S T  Y O R I  D A N G O

"Ah, Matsumoto-senpai is really cool," Yuto remarked after they greeted Arashi's Matsumoto Jun. A lot of his kouhais look up to him because he (and the other members of Arashi) were extremely talented and good-looking. They respected and adored them as much as their favorite senpais at the Jimusho.

"I really liked him in Smile," Keito said softly, his eyes never leaving his comic book.

"Ah, I absolutely idolized him when he portrayed Sawada Shin in Gokusen!!" Takaki exclaimed. Having been casted in the past as part of the popular drama's third season, he'd used Jun's acting during the first season as a reference to how he should deliver his character. "He was really cool. I honestly thought I'd get to work with him in the movie, too bad I wasn’t able to..."

The topic raked different opinions from the members of JUMP until Yabu brought up their senpai's portrayal of Domyouji Tsukasa from the very popular Shoujo manga-turned-live action drama, Hana Yori Dango. "That definitely showed a new side of Matsumoto-senpai," the oldest member sighed, gushing about how he'd watch the series with his sister.

"I think I'd make a good Akira, ne?" Hikaru stated out of the blue. Everyone looked at him, a bit confused. "What? I mean, I could definitely pass off as a funny guy, right?"

"That, you are, Hikka-chan, demo," Daiki paused, stifling his laugh, "you're no womanizer, are you?"

"That...t-that's nothing a little acting can't fix," he huffed before crossing his legs. "I may not be a real-life Don Juan like Akira but I can definitely act like one!"

"Now that we're in this topic," Yamada muttered as he watched the older half of the group. "I wonder..."

"Ano saa, I think Inoo-chan will be a wonderful Rui," Chinen grinned as he took his seat beside Yamada. "Ne, Yama-chan? A piano-playing version."

Everyone's eyes shifted on Inoo, who shot them confused looks. "What, just because I play a musical instrument?"

"No, you'd definitely pass off as Rui," Keito muttered, putting his comic book down. "You're cool, mysterious, quiet, gentle, lady-like-"

"Now, are you saying I'd pass off as Makino?" Inoo asked, eliciting laughs from the members. Keito shook his head, his shoulders bouncing up and down as he laughed.

"You're not rowdy enough to be Makino, Inoo-chan," Hikaru dead-panned, making the other members grin and giggle. Inoo puffed his cheeks in protest before laughing with his members. "Why don't we go ask Matsumoto-senpai as to which of us fits who?"

- - -

"Eh?" Jun mumbled as the nine-membered group entered the room. Nino, Aiba and Sho were snickering on the side whereas Ohno was occupied by his number one fanboy- Chinen. The once spacious and quiet room was immediately filled with voices and random laughs. Hikaru stood his ground despite feeling nervous with his outspokenness. His senpai's popular for being short-tempered.

"W-we were wondering if y-you could cast us."

Jun impatiently scratched the back of his neck, taking his glasses off before turning around to face his kouhais. Where do these kids find the time to wonder about weird stuff? He sighed, calming himself. He rarely interacted with his kouhais so he guessed he'd let this one slip. He looked up and smirked. "Alright, what are you up to?"

Hikaru gulped the lump that had formed in his throat. "W-well, earlier, we were talking about how I'd be a great Akira-"

"Akira?" Jun asked, raising a brow.

"Hai. Hana Yori Dango’s Mimasaka Akira."

"Ah, alright. Go on."

"And we thought Inoo-chan would fit Rui's role perfectly."

"I think so too," Jun mumbled, eyeing Inoo, who was currently chatting animatedly with Sho. Talking about university life, probably. "Great choice, I think you'd also do Mimasaka justice."

Hikaru elbowed the stomach of nearby Yabu, who almost choked on his drink. "See, I told you I'd be a great Akira!"

"Are we just casting BEST?" Jun asked, showing sudden interest on the activity. Hikaru nodded enthusiastically and his senpai smirked evilly. "Ja, I think Arioka-kun would be a great Makino."

"Eh!? Ore!? Senpai, please don't tell me you think I look like a girl!!" Daiki exclaimed, kneeling in front of Jun, who flashed a boyish smile.

"Seriously though, you're the one who looks most feminine among the five members of BEST. I would have decided on Inoo-kun, but he’s already casted as Rui and besides," Jun said in between chuckles. "You guys asked me to cast you and that's what I think."

"Senpai- "

"See, you're acting a lot like Makino right now!"

Laughter filled the room. "Ah, Matsujun's having fun with the kouhais," Aiba remarked, tapping Sho's shoulder. "It's rare to see him interact with them so coolly. They'd usually be intimidated whenever he comes by."

"Sou, sou," Nino said as he nodded. "It's a nice change. He should be more like this with the kids!"

"Yabu-kun could be Soujiroh and then Takaki-kun could be Domyouji since he has that really bratty aura about him," Jun remarked. The aforementioned kouhai was about to protest when Jun gestured him to come closer. "And because you're also a little like me, in some ways. San-nen D-gumi, deshou?" he smirked. After that, Takaki started acting high and mighty, proud that he and famous Matsumoto-senpai shared a not-so-little secret. Jun even went as far as casting the remaining four members.

"Well, Chinen-kun could be that girl obsessed with Tsukasa and then Nakajima-kun could be Shizuka. I'm not sure who could be Yuki, though. Ah well, it's up to you guys to decide."

Even after their senpais left, JUMP was playing along with their characters. The BEST-4 (Jun dubbed them as such) were acting their characters (Inoo was effortlessly channeling Rui) and Daiki (Chinen had christened him with the name Daikishi) was flustered with all the attention he's getting. He had no idea that the casting would haunt him the whole day, and even beyond the world of the living.

He dreamt about it later that evening.

- - -

"Oi! Wake up, sleepy head!!"

Daiki cracked his eyelids open, annoyed with the racket being made right outside his room. He stretched as he slowly awoke, groaning as he did. When his hand grazed over his chest, however..

"The fuck.. ?" He mumbled as he felt flesh mounds instead of his usual flat pecs. He looked down and panicked when he saw bulges on his chest. When he lifted his shirt to take a peek, breasts were present. His hands were shaking as they travelled south, intending to check if even down there, he was womanized. When nothing manly was felt, he gasped; he shrilled so loudly that the person on the other side of the door busted it down.

"Daikishi, daijoubu!!?"

"WHAT- KEITO!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? WHY DO I HAVE BOOBS AND WHY THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING ME DAIKISHI!!?" Daiki exclaimed quickly, nervousness getting the better of him. The man who seemed like Keito walked over and whacked him heavily upside the head.

"Bakero, it's 'otou-san' to you, not Keito!! Where ars your manners? And you have boobs, of course, because you're a freaking woman. And don't you even know your own name!?"

Daiki stared at Keito- err, his father who walked out on him. "You better be ready to eat when I get downstairs in a bit, Daikishi. You can't afford to be late for school. You're a scholar there!"

"What scholar!? What school are you talking about?! I don't understand!!" Daiki exclaimed. Heavier footsteps approached the door and a woman who looked a lot like Yamada appeared with hands his (her?) hands on his (her.. ?) hips. "Ya-Yama-chan..?"

"Oh dear, your father is right. Where are your manners, young woman.. anyways. Makino Daikishi, have you forgotten that you're a scholar at Eitoku Gakuen?! It's almost time for school so I suggest you go and get yourself fixed already. You wouldn't wanna upset your classmates more than they already are, would you?"

"Oh, let them be. They're all just spoiled rotten brats who know nothing beyond their wealth and popularity..." Daiki trailed off as he evaluated himself. Where did those words come from...?

Yamada hugged him tightly. "That's my Daikishi. Now, go get changed! I packed a really nice lunch for you!!"

- - -

"Okay so, apparently, I'm this Tsukushi girl," Daiki muttered to himself as he made his way towards the prestigious Eitoku campus. He gaped. He'd seen Hana Yori Dango and was somehow awed with the campus, but this was a different situation. "Whoa, it is big."

"Oh no, there's that commoner again," he heard the passing girls mutter. Instinctively, he glared at them and they ran away from her as quickly as they could.

"What a poiseless, classless girl!"

"I don't think she's even a girl to begin with!"

"Weeds are definitely hard to kill."

"I thought F4's red flag would have sent her running back home already, why is she still here?"

Although he didn't really feel anything personal towards them, it was as though his current (female) body had a mind of its own and acted on its own accord. He felt like running to an emergency staircase. How he knew it was there, he had no idea. He assumed it must be Tsukushi taking over his body. He ran over to the rails and screamed as loud as he could. For some odd reason (that was slowly becoming the new normal), he felt like hating on some guys he has yet to encounter. He loudly vented out his frustrations over everything that was happening to him.

"What kind of person screams when someone is sleeping.." Someone said, abruptly cutting his reverie short. Daiki turned around and spotted a guy wearing a white suit jacket over a grey hooded top and skinny jeans. Daiki gasped.

"Inoo-chan!?" He exclaimed and Inoo frowned.

"It's -sama to you. How dare you even address me, Inoo Rui, in a way only closed friends and family are allowed to use? And didn't we give you a red slip??"

We? Daiki blinked. "You mean, you're part of F4..?" He asked cluelessly, wishing he'd wake up soon from this messed up dream. Inoo rolled his eyes coolly.

"F4? It's BEST-4, you idiot girl. Don't pretend like you don't know anything, Makino. It's annoying," he said as he stepped out of the rooftop. Daiki was going to run after him when all of a sudden, bright light hit his eyes and he was back into the real world, where he had no boobs.

"The hell was that," he mumbled as he looked around. He was on a plane, seated beside Inoo and Hikaru, who were both fast asleep. Just then, the intercom went on.

We are touching down Bangkok in a few minutes. May we request all passengers to sit upright and lock in your seatbelts for your safety. Thank you very much.

Daiki sighed. What a dream that was. He shook his head as he fished his iPod out. He rolled his eyes when he realized what song was playing.

"No wonder, it's Love So Sweet that's playing."
Tags: #fanfiction, hsj: arioka daiki, hsj: inoo kei, title: best yori dango, type: multi-chaptered
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