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[For Ioanna] Maya/Sayuri FFE

This posts reminds me that I need to update my icon set.

E X P L A N A T I O N   P O S T
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Hi, this is Keii (yutocchin) and Ioanna's (chained_akame) fan fiction exchange details post.

 Actually, this is another one of my ingenious ploys to get more fan fictions revolving around my one true painpair from Bakaleya, Maya and Sayuri. There is a famine in our ship, Io, ad we ought to do something about it orz (lol) Okay, so basically, what we're going to do is that we'll be writing fan fictions on a certain time period, like, per week or twice a month, or per month- whatever works. Though I'm starting to become more inclined to the per month one, since we both have other lives other than manning our ship.

....actually, that's pretty much it. I just wanted to make this post because I wanted to put up really nice graphics and try out these table thingies I see on layout posts.
M o n t h l y   T h e m e s
J A N U A R Y New Year
F E B R U A R Y Valentine's ♥
M A R C H Graduation
A P R I L Sayuri's birthday {Not really sure, but it's Kaoru's birthday on April, so.. }
M A Y Spring time  {Kiss, kiss, faaall in looove ♪}
J U N E Summer vacation
J U L Y Summer festival
A U G U S T Last days of summer
S E P T E M B E R Still summer vacation
O C T O B E R Autumn/Fall
N O V E M B E R School Cultural Festival
D E C E M B E R Maya's birthday {which is actually Taiga's, but anyways..} / Christmas
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+ Idk man, any genre will do. Fluff/Romance, humor, drama, angst, hurt/comfort and all that stuff, I'm A-OK with them.
+ You wanna include Satoshi (because Maya/Sayuri/Satoshi is my OT3 yo), then feel free to do so.
+ Can we include Taiga/Kaoru in this one??????????
+ ..........any more ideas? Comment down below, let's converse about this. ♥

Tags: !mayasayuri ffe, drama: bakaleya, otp: maya/sayuri
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